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Diagnostic-Testing-Florence-KY-300x199At Physical Medicine and Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky, we focus on not only providing the best possible treatment for chronic pain sufferers in Anderson Township, OH but we realize the importance of properly diagnosing the full extent of your condition and what’s causing it. This way our doctors can design a specific and custom program to help you get out of pain faster. Our office prides itself on providing the highest quality traditional neurological and medical pain testing.


The onsite testing that we provide:

  • Radiographs – Our medical team provides the highest quality diagnostic x-rays with the lowest amount of radiation to determine the extent of injury to the spine and extremities.
  • EMG Testing (Electromyography). EMG testing provides our doctors with a unique insight into any dysfunction or irregular activity to the function of the muscles, allowing a more accurate diagnosis of muscle injury and impairment.
  • NCV Testing (Nerve Testing). NCV testing grants detailed information on nerve dysfunction or impairment. This is the hallmark test for sciatica pain treatment and often provides your doctor with a more accurate understanding of the source of peripheral neuropathy symptoms.
  • Allergy and Immune Response Testing (OATS). We employ the latest in blood testing techniques to find out if there are any cases of allergic reactions present in our patients.
  • Functional and Performance testing. To fully evaluate the level of impairment and injury to the spine, our doctors and therapists will conduct a series of exams to ensure the most thorough results.
  • Hormone and Adrenal Testing – Often, physical afflictions without injury can be traced back to hormone and adrenal imbalances. Our doctors utilize the most thorough tests to assess chronic stress and fatigue levels in our patients.

To learn more about chronic pain treatments as well as diagnostics/lab work in Anderson Township, OH contact Physical Medicine and Wellness Center of Northern Kentuckytoday to learn how our expert staff can put you on the path to wellness!