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When Do Your Headaches Need Medical Attention?

Everyone gets a headache once in a while. But if your headaches happen frequently, last for a long period of time, or put you in immense pain, it may be time to seek medical attention.

Sep 6th, 2020
Understanding Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy may sound a little intimidating, but it can help you put years of pain in your rearview mirror. Learn more about this safe, natural therapy and if it may work for you.

Aug 13th, 2020
6 Causes of Migraines

Do your migraines often arrive without warning, making it difficult for you to adapt your schedule or treat your pain. Knowing the triggers and causes of your migraines can help you tackle them.

Jul 14th, 2020
Is My Neck Pain Whiplash?

Although neck pain can often be benign, chronic pain caused by whiplash can lead to years or even a lifetime of pain. Learn more about this type of injury.

Jun 12th, 2020
The Long-Term Effects of Not Treating Whiplash

After an accident or injury, the effects of whiplash on your back and neck could persist long after visible wounds have healed. Read more to learn about the potential long-term effects of untreated whiplash.

Jan 1st, 2020
The Dangers of Tech Neck

With so many electronic devices in our hands and our heads bent forward to use them, “tech neck” can cause a lot of pain and damage. Your chiropractor can help eliminate that pain and prevent it from coming back.

Aug 16th, 2019
Could It Be Normal To Live With Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can impact all areas of your life, and when your pain meds stop working, it can leave you feeling hopeless. But you don’t have to just carry on—regenerative therapy can give you relief that lasts.

Jun 11th, 2019
How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Peripheral Neuropathy

Are you living with peripheral neuropathy symptoms like pain, numbness, or tingling in your extremities? You don’t have to turn to medication for help. Chiropractic care doesn’t mask your symptoms; it treats the cause of your discomfort.

Apr 17th, 2019
Drug-Free Solutions for Migraine Pain

Migraine pain can be debilitating, but the good news is, there are treatments that can help you find relief - without turning to potentially dangerous drugs. Here's how we can help you get rid of migraine pain naturally.

Mar 1st, 2019
Stem Cell 101

Choosing a medical treatment for your chronic condition is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Although your pain has reached an intensity that has you desperately searching for a solution...

Aug 14th, 2018
Real Risks of Back Surgery

Stiffness and aches in the back can be common, but when back pain becomes a chronic condition, the impact on your life can be unbearable.

Dec 18th, 2017
Improve Your Joint Health to Improve Your Life

How’s your joint health? Many of us don’t even think about our joints, unless they begin to trouble us. When a joint or tendon becomes painful, however, it’s hard to think of anything else! How can you improve your joint health?

Jul 28th, 2017
Be Proactive Against Getting Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis

When you think of arthritis, you might think of the pain associated with it and think the best thing to do is take pills and rest. That’s actually not the case. With May of 2015 being National Arthritis Awareness Month, the Arthritis Foundation and America

Jul 26th, 2017
As you are sitting and reading this, how is your posture?

While reading this, are you slouched over in your chair, maybe even resting your chin in your hand with legs crossed? An important key to longevity is having a healthy, happy spine; one component of a healthy spine is having good posture.

Jul 24th, 2017
Staying Hydrated when Temperatures Soar

As the temperatures rise, hydration becomes even more important than it usually is. Whether you’re working out in the heat, or just enjoying the warm weather, it’s vital to stay hydrated, to prevent heat stroke and keep your blood circulating properly.

Aug 21st, 2016
Natural Sun Protection for your Skin

We all know the dangers of UV exposure. Ultraviolet rays can damage skin, aging it and even causing skin cancer, but conventional sunscreen can also be dangerous, and often contains toxic chemicals.

Jul 27th, 2016
Five Health Conscious Summer Vacation Destinations

What are your summer vacation plans? Do you intend to do nothing but relax, and indulge your every dietary whim? Or are you more inclined to find a health conscious summer vacation destination, and use your down time to do something good for your body?

Jun 1st, 2016
Do Eyes Need Special Protection in Summer?

Your eyes are very important, and also extremely delicate, so they require special care. You might wonder, though, is there a season during which the eyes need extra protection.

May 19th, 2016
Coping with Seasonal Allergies Naturally

It’s been all over the news, so you’ve probably seen it: research indicates that people who use allergy medications regularly may be at greater risk for dementia.

May 13th, 2016
What to do about Indoor Allergens

It’s wintertime, and it seems like everyone has got the sniffles. While much of that gets blamed on the common cold, which runs rampant at this time of year due to immune systems depressed by the cold and too much togetherness.

Mar 23rd, 2016
The One Resolution You Should Ditch This Year

Each year, across the nation, people make tons of New Year’s resolutions, most of which fall by the wayside by the time Valentine’s Day arrives. Maybe this is the year you quit smoking, or do more volunteer work, or learn to say no more often.

Mar 17th, 2016
Keeping Eyes Healthy in Winter

Winter weather has an impact on many systems of the body. The colder weather can depress our immune systems, dry out our skin, and cause our joints to ache. But what does it do to our eyes? The winter months are a vulnerable time of year for your eyes.

Mar 9th, 2016
Healthiest Winter Vacation Spots and Travel Trends

Are you looking to get away this winter? Whether you’re trying to escape the cold by heading to a more tropical destination, or you’re from a warmer climate and dashing off to see some snow, the winter is a great time to travel.

Mar 4th, 2016
8 Great Winter Workouts to Try

In winter, there are tons of great reasons to remain active and not give in to the lure of a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising in winter has many benefits though, not least of which is its fat burning power, and capacity to raise your spirits. What’s more, i

Jan 28th, 2016
Vegetables: To Cook, or Not to Cook?

When it comes to food, there’s one point on which just about everyone is in agreement: it’s a good idea to eat vegetables. Packed with nutrients, vegetables are good for many different ailments, as well as overall health and wellness.

Jan 13th, 2016
How much do you Know about Exercising in the Cold?

Some people love the feel of a brisk winter workout, while others use the cold as an excuse to stay indoors and remain snuggly warm. No matter which opinion you favor, it’s possible that you have some misconceptions about exercising in the cold.

Jan 6th, 2016
Common Winter Illnesses and How to Avoid Them

The winter brings with it brisk temperatures, plenty of time indoors, and an increased risk of illness. But is getting sick in winter inevitable? While winter illness is common, there are certain steps you can take to be proactive in keeping it at bay. 

Dec 16th, 2015
Is Paleo for You?

Certainly, by now everyone has heard of the Paleo diet. Unless you yourself have been living in a cave for the past few years, the chances are good that you know someone who follows this so-called “caveman diet”, and many people find it very rewarding.

Dec 2nd, 2015
Is Immunotherapy the Cure for Cancer?

The battle against cancer seems never-ending, and cancer treatment is often almost as bad as the disease itself. Harsh chemicals pumped into the bodies of cancer patients cause devastating side effects that lead some to decide to stop treatment entirely.

Nov 18th, 2015
Health Food or Hype?

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you may be confused by all the claims made about health food. It seems like every week a new food is touted as a “superfood”, and a new concept about how we should eat is introduced.

Nov 11th, 2015
Boost your Immunity before Cold and Flu Season Hits

The summer is over, cooler weather is right around the corner- is your immune system ready for cold and flu season? The chill in the air means the season for illness is not far behind, but you can boost your immunity and protect yourself from sickness.

Nov 4th, 2015
Beating Insomnia Naturally

It’s common wisdom that a good night’s sleep is important, but what if you have insomnia? Those who have trouble falling asleep, or fall asleep easily enough, but can’t seem to stay asleep, are missing out on a key component of a healthy lifestyle.

Oct 29th, 2015
Five Yoga Poses to do from your Chair

Yoga continues to gain popularity, and with good reason. A practice that improves posture and flexibility, yoga has also been shown to lower blood pressure and relieve stress. But maybe you’ve decided yoga isn’t for you.

Oct 22nd, 2015
Power up your Walk with Intervals

Are you getting the most benefits you can from your walk? If you’ve gotten into a good walking routine, you may start becoming restless, and feeling like you’d like to push yourself a little further. The solution? Intervals!

Oct 15th, 2015
Is your Diet Ruining Your Health?

With obesity at epidemic proportions, it’s not surprising that dieting is a huge national pastime. Whether they’re cutting out carbs, drastically reducing calories, eliminating gluten, or cutting out animal-based foods, Americans love to modify.

Oct 8th, 2015
Treating Herniated Discs without Surgery

How much do you know about treating herniated discs? If you’re suffering from symptoms like back pain, sciatica, or weakness in your lower extremities, you may find yourself quickly becoming an expert on all things herniated disc related.

Sep 30th, 2015
Back to School Weight Loss Plan

How does this time of year work for your weight loss goals? For many parents, the end of summer signals the beginning of the heightened stress season, as back to school amps up our commitments, with the holidays nipping at its heels.

Sep 2nd, 2015
The 10 Commandments of Summer Safety

Summer is here, and it’s a time to have fun and relax! Lovely, sunny days outside can turn ugly, however, if you don’t know the ins and outs of summer safety. We’ve worked out our own set of summer’s ten commandments, to help you stay happy and healthy.

Aug 26th, 2015
Toy Safety: Gift Yourself Peace of Mind

We all remember the best part of the holidays when we were kids: the gifts! For most children, the best part about the holidays is the anticipation of unwrapping all of their new toys.

May 21st, 2015
Flu Getting You Down?

The 2012/2013 flu season has been gaining attention as people all over the country are at home with aches, pains, and sniffles. Luckily, the virus seems to be slowing its spread but there are still plenty of people that will be staying home over.

May 15th, 2015
7 Toxic Health Habits We Should Take to the Dump

While it’s all well and very good to try and emphasize exercising and getting back into or staying in good shape, even some of the biggest workout warriors among us overlook many another equally important keys to good health.

May 12th, 2015
Take Note of Stroke Awareness Month in 2015

People don’t think about strokes, they just happen. Nearly half a million Americans have a stroke every year, with about 150,000 deaths associated with strokes. It is also the number one cause of disability in the U.S. and the third leading cause of death.

May 12th, 2015
The Milk Myth, Does Milk Really Make Strong Bones?

A popular old car ad used a catchy theme song to put forth the notion that the Chevrolet automobile brand was as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. While it wasn’t included in the ad, what goes better with apple pie than milk?

May 12th, 2015
Spring Cleaning Your Diet

As we finally start digging out from under a ton of snow in many areas of the country and simply look forward to the words “start of spring” on our calendars, here are a few health habits we should make an effort to address.

May 12th, 2015
Spring Clean your Bad Habits

The weather outside may be freezing, but you’re probably already starting to think about spring and all that comes with it—the fresh air, the green outdoors, and the spring cleaning.

May 12th, 2015
Staying Active When You’d Rather Hibernate

The winter weather seems especially harsh this time of year, when storms are blowing through, there are no family holidays to warm our hearts, and spring is so close we can almost taste it.

May 12th, 2015
Can you Catch Cold from being Cold?

For generations, mothers have warned their children to button up their coats, wear hats, and stay warm to avoid “catching a cold.” Doctors have discounted this notion, crediting illness to the viruses and bacteria thriving when people are shut inside.

May 12th, 2015
Heart Healthy Date Night

This time of year, when the icy chill drives us indoors, it’s tempting to spend as much time as possible cuddled up and immobile. The couch calls to us, and even date night seems a good time to sit in front of a fire or curl up with a DVD. No wonder so man

May 12th, 2015
Nutrition Goals vs. Damage Control

Now that it’s February, and that New Year feeling has faded to a memory, you may find that your resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Especially when it comes to dieting, it’s often hard to stick to your goals. Why is that?

May 12th, 2015
Can You Trust Your Supplements?

When striving to live a life of optimal wellness, many people turn to herbal supplements to maintain their health. But what happens when these supplements aren’t what they’re advertised to be?

May 12th, 2015
Boost your Immunity Naturally

At our clinic, we embrace a holistic approach to healthcare, because we believe that only by treating patients as whole people are we able to set them on the path to optimal wellness.

May 12th, 2015
Chiropractic and Flexibility

Many athletes swear by regular chiropractic adjustment, not only because it’s a boon for sore bodies, but also because of the benefits it offers in terms of increased performance. Chiropractic can help to increase the range of motion.

May 12th, 2015
Chiropractic and the Common Cold

So you’ve got a cold, and you’ve upped your fluid intake, are getting plenty of rest, and are taking over the counter medications for relief, but have you ever considered a visit to your chiropractor?

May 12th, 2015
What to do when the Flu Shot Fails You

As you probably know by now, this year’s flu shot wasn’t quite all it was cracked up to be. While the importance of the flu shot is drilled into us from the minute that the cold and flu season starts, the fact is that really, the concoction is really just

May 12th, 2015
Keeping Kids Active when the Weather is Blah

Winter can put a damper on anyone’s exercise routine, and for kids, dreary weather can lead to endless hours cooped up indoors. Sure, a good snowfall provides an exciting opportunity to play in a winter wonderland, but what about the rest of the time?

May 12th, 2015
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

The old song declares the holiday season to be the most wonderful time of the year, as well as the “hap-happiest season of all.” But is this true?

May 12th, 2015
Prepping for the New Year

January is right around the corner, bringing New Year’s resolutions galore! Of course, we all know that most of these good intentions will flop by February, but most of us still greet the coming year with optimism.

May 12th, 2015
Have a Very Veggie Holiday Season!

A vegetarian diet is a healthy lifestyle choice that more and more people are making. In fact, even among those who eat meat, it’s not uncommon to replace a meal or two each week with a vegetable-based option.

May 12th, 2015
Protect your Spine during Holiday Shopping

Shopping is a big part of the holiday season, whether you’re part of the mad rush of Black Friday, or you favor a more laid-back approach. Especially if you have a number of people on your holiday gift list, the process of finding the perfect gifts.

May 12th, 2015
De-Stress Your Holiday Season

The holiday season has begun, a happy time full of love, warmth, and magical memories. Right? For some people, the holidays are anything but peaceful.

May 12th, 2015
Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are upon us, and now begins the season of fun, family, festivity, and feasting. It’s that last one that can get you into trouble.

May 12th, 2015
Top Tips for a Healthy Back

Back pain is a common complaint, with most people experiencing it from time to time. Stemming from many different causes, it can either be acute, lasting just a little while or chronic, lasting more than six weeks.

May 12th, 2015
Enjoying a Healthy Fall

Fall is a great time for many things, from pumpkin patches to apple picking, to holiday fun with your family.

May 12th, 2015
Superfoods for Fall

There’s no time quite like the fall for enjoying bountiful produce. Even as we reach the end of sweet fruits and summer vegetables, the harvest arrives, bringing with it a wealth of nutrients, ripe for the eating.

May 12th, 2015
Knee Health

Even if you’re healthy and active, you may find yourself in need of tips to improve your knee health. Your knees take a great deal of punishment over the course of your life, and knee pain and injuries are extremely common.

May 12th, 2015
Healthy Harvest Recipes

Ah, fall! That crisp air, the changing leaves, and a chance to break out your sweaters makes everything seem fresher somehow. One of the greatest things about fall? It’s the season for comfort food.

May 12th, 2015
Yoga tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy can be difficult on a woman’s body, and it’s certainly a time of change. Many experts believe that prenatal yoga can be extremely beneficial, both in helping relieve the stress of pregnancy and also in easing delivery.

May 12th, 2015
Weight Loss and How to Keep the Weight Off

Weight loss is an elusive goal for many, and it seems most people you meet are on some kind of a diet. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with companies promising results with everything from shakes to wraps to pills to bars.

May 12th, 2015
Healing with Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractor has your back, but that’s not all!  Millions of Americans entrust part of their care to a chiropractor, however only about a third see a chiropractor for back pain.

May 12th, 2015
Chiropractic Tips for Pregnant Women

Chiropractic care is the art and science of adjusting misaligned joints in the spine and other areas of the body, in order to reduce spinal nerve stress.

May 12th, 2015
Eat to Boost Your Brain Power

Everyone has heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Focusing on filling your diet with real food, rather than processed foods, can help strengthen your body and keep you in good health.

May 12th, 2015
Blood Flow – Circulating Health

It doesn’t take a lot of common sense to know that blood is an important part of our health. It moves about our bodies thanks to a constantly pumping heart. Blood flow is what allows bits of food and air to get around to where they need to.

May 12th, 2015
Nutrition Tips For Summer Workouts

Summer workouts can be fun as well as healthy, as opportunities abound to enjoy the outdoors while you exercise. It’s important to remember, though, that the summer heat can place demands on your body.

May 12th, 2015
Remove the ‘daze’ from your Holidays

During the Holiday season, there are so many obligations and expectations that must be met on a wide variety of fronts that it often seems that we negate the true meaning of the season.

May 12th, 2015
Tips for Managing Stress

In today’s high-paced, high-pressure world, stress often seems unavoidable. As we race from place to place and multi-task, endlessly plugged in and connected through mobile devices, phones, and laptops, it’s no wonder we feel overtaxed and anxious.

May 12th, 2015
Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

When you can’t seem to get enough sleep, your whole body suffers. Adequate sleep is an important part of your overall health, so feeling your best means getting your best sleep. Fortunately, sleepless nights can be easily avoided.

May 12th, 2015
The Benefits Of Fish Oil

In a clinic that focuses on physical medicine and pain relief, reducing inflammation is one of the key aspects of our therapies and treatments.  One of the most common forms of supplementation that we get questions about is fish oils. 

May 12th, 2015
Summer Workout Tips for Optimal Health

This summer has been temperate, with temperatures in most of the country staying lower than usual. Still, during the summer, it’s best to take some precautions to ensure that your workouts are improving your health, rather than working to your detriment.

May 12th, 2015
Maintaining Posture At Work

Poor posture is one of the most common causes of chronic neck and back pain conditions today.  For most people, their working environment can be the major cause of their spinal pain condition. 

May 12th, 2015
Holiday Stress Test

The holidays really are the best of times and the worst of times. Our tidings of comfort and joy can so easily be devoured by the insatiable stress to do it all, be it all, and buy it all.

May 12th, 2015
Why Are Migraines Still a Mystery?

Migraines are a common problem, affecting about 37 million Americans, but even the experts still don’t really understand the complexity surrounding migraines.

May 12th, 2015
Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

Slow down, take a deep breath… It sure is nice to have lungs. Lungs are of course vital, they provide your body with the O2 (oxygen) it requires to keep you doing the things you love.

May 12th, 2015
Is Your Job Hurting Your Back?

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, is one of the top reasons that people seek physical medicine treatments.

May 12th, 2015
Amateur Athletes: Should You Train through the Pain?

You often hear the adage “No pain, no gain,” and to a certain extent, it’s true. Whether you’re trying to get in shape or training for a marathon, performing at your best is going to require pushing through some discomfort.

May 12th, 2015
An Important Part Of Healing – Sleep!

One of the most important aspects a helping your body heal when injured is getting the proper amount of rest and sleep.  The healing process takes time and allowing your body to have the rest that it needs to recover will allow you to heal faster. 

May 12th, 2015
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month!

Did you know that nearly 26 million children and adults in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes? Another 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

May 12th, 2015
Can Physical Medicine Cure Chronic Pain?

From time to time, we all deal with pain. Whether it’s an occasional headache, nagging low back pain, or some other unpleasant sensation indicating something amiss in the body, pain is a normal part of the human condition.

May 12th, 2015
Things You Should Know About Neuropathy

Neuropathy, which is a shortened term for peripheral neuropathy, involves nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system. It can be the result of a wide range of causes and can present with a variety of symptoms.

May 12th, 2015
The Benefits of Walking

Physical activity is a great way to improve your overall well-being and mental clarity. It’s also a great way to help lower pain levels in the body. 

May 12th, 2015
Have a Happy (Safe) Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We want you to have a great time and most importantly stay safe this All-Hallows-Eve and despite the ghosts and ghouls haunting your neighborhood, there are other more worldly frights lurking about.

May 12th, 2015
Are You Ready For Flu Season?

Here we go again… people are sneezing and coughing everywhere! The aches and pains of flu season are becoming all too real and hand sanitizer is flying off of the shelves.

May 12th, 2015
Physical Medicine Care for Migraine Sufferers

Migraines affect about 25 million people in the United States each year, causing intense, throbbing pain, along with nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, and visual symptoms like flashing lights.

May 12th, 2015
Stick to Your Fitness Goals!

We’ve all done it. We’ve seen the perfectly chiseled celebrity or run into an old friend who just looks amazing and made the decision to change our habits and get in the best shape of our lives!

May 12th, 2015
Wrist Pain & Neck Pain

Patients are stunned when, after telling us about their wrist pain, we begin by questioning them about neck pain they may be having. Often they admit that their neck has been a bit sore… but how is wrist pain and neck pain connected?

May 12th, 2015
Latest Technologies in Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is an ancient art and science, dating all the way back to Hippocrates, and proven effective in treating a host of ailments. The practice has never stopped evolving, though, and today’s chiropractic adjustment uses tools.

May 12th, 2015
Wrist Pain

The human wrist is a very complex joint which is made up of 8 small bones and is arranged in 2 rows in between the bones of the hand and forearm. Bands of ligaments connect the wrist and bones together and the tendons attach the muscles to the bones.

May 12th, 2015
You Are What You Eat!

We’ve heard it since childhood, “You are what you eat!” But with the dozens of new healthy eating trends flooding the market each year how can you be sure to choose the best fit for you?

May 12th, 2015
Refer a Friend and Get a Free Massage

We have officially survived Snowmageddon! As a celebration of Spring, we are offering a FREE massage to anyone who refers a friend or family member to our practice in the month of April. So what are you waiting for? Your free massage is just a referral.

May 12th, 2015
Exercising with Your Baby

From biking and hiking to walking and jogging, today’s parents are keeping fit and bonding with their babies in the process. With an array of products unheard of a generation ago— like baby carriers, joggers and trailers— even the tiniest among us.

May 12th, 2015
Chiropractic Advice for Moms-to-Be

The weight gain, the bloating, the nausea… Most new mothers will tell you that the aches and pains of pregnancy are a small price to pay for the beautiful bundle of joy they’re rewarded with nine months later.

May 12th, 2015
Swimsuit Season is Almost Here!

April Showers Bring May Flowers… And Swimsuit Season! Stop hibernating and drop that unwanted winter weight! For the month of April receive 5% off your 6 week or larger package price! Refer a friend and receive 10 FREE lipo injections!

May 12th, 2015
A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Sandy Smith woke up to the annoying and familiar sound of the alarm clock. It was another day and the beginning of another hectic week. She rolled from her stomach onto her back and unburied herself from beneath the old, down-filled, pillows.

May 12th, 2015
Headaches: 5 Tips for Effective Treatment

There’s not much worse than a pounding headache, particularly when you have things to do. Headaches are one of the most common ailments and millions of people suffer headaches or migraines.

May 12th, 2015
TMJ Pain

TMJ or Temporomandibular joint syndrome is one of the most elusive and difficult conditions recognized by the medical profession. Unfortunately, this problem is quite hard to detect and people live their lives with dizziness, headaches, eye pain.

May 12th, 2015
Hazy Shade of Winter

[gn_column size=”2-3? last=”0? style=”0?]Simon and Garfunkel [and later, The Bangles] had it right. Winter light is hazy – it’s more diffuse.

May 12th, 2015
How to Cope with Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be a minor hassle or a full-blown disability. If you are finding it difficult to walk, sleep, exercise and relax because of low back pain you are not alone. Eight out of 10 Americans will suffer from low back pain.

May 12th, 2015
Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

A woman’s body undergoes numerous changes while she is pregnant. Chiropractic care during pregnancy assists pregnant women in maintaining proper coordination of their spinal columns, nerves and bones without engaging in other means like surgery or drugs.

May 12th, 2015
March Madness: Think You Have What It Takes?

Think you have what it takes to beat our staff? How about for a FREE 30 minute massage? Give us 5 names with contact information of people you think would benefit from coming to our office and we’ll give you 5 chances to shoot a basket and win BIG!! BUT…

May 12th, 2015
Weight Loss Secrets – Drink Plenty of Water

[gn_column size=”2-3″ last=”0″ style=”0″]Overweight and obesity are common health problems worldwide. Food plans that work – those that help people lose weight and help them keep the weight off – embody only a few simple principles.

May 12th, 2015
Healthy Work Habits

Mindful of your New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, incorporating healthy eating habits, exercise, and other practices in order to reach your wellness goals.

May 12th, 2015
Sciatica Pain: What Is It?

The sciatic nerve also referred to as sciatica, is an extremely important nerve. It starts within the lower back, runs across the buttocks, and down each of the legs. There are 5 spinal nerve roots which unite to form the major sciatic nerve.

May 12th, 2015
Weight Loss Made Easier with Chiropractic

If you need to shed a few extra pounds, you’re not alone. Excess weight is possibly the largest health concern in the United States today. According to the Surgeon General, well over half of all adults in the U.S. were overweight in 1999.

May 12th, 2015
A Valentine’s Gift For You

Whether you are single or taken, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love for yourself and love for others!!

May 12th, 2015
Give Your Kids the Gift of a Healthy Spine

The health of a child’s spine needs to be taken very seriously. A healthy spine will decrease their chance of injury, improve their posture, improve their overall health and help to avoid spinal problems such as scoliosis.

May 12th, 2015
Help With Migraines

Migraines can be a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. They are often triggered by stress, certain foods, and hormones – causing the blood vessels to slowly dilate in the brain.

May 12th, 2015
Ladies Night!

Join Northern Kentucky Physical Medicine, Curves, and Dillard’s for ladies night filled with everything you need to look and feel your best in 2014!

May 12th, 2015
Backpacks: Lighten Your Child’s Load

As millions of kids get ready to go back to school, many will pull out old backpacks or purchase new ones. While the books, homework assignments, lunches, and other school gear those bags carry may be important for success in school.

May 12th, 2015
Strong Lower Backs: Having One That Works

You never know until you hurt it how much you use your lower back all day long. When your lower back is injured, every movement becomes painful. Simple actions, such as getting out of a chair or bending over the sink, become excruciating.

May 12th, 2015
The Paleo Diet

These days, there are several different options you can choose from for working on weight-loss goals. One that we recommend is the Paleo diet. The heart of the Paleo diet is cutting out all the foods that are processed and contain harmful chemicals.

May 12th, 2015
Your Pain Is Aging You

This is one of the most powerful studies on the effect that chronic pain has on our brains and bodies. The effects of chronic stress on the body has been studied for years before this study was published but never before had anyone studied the effect.

May 12th, 2015
Staying Well In Winter

[gn_column size=”2-3″ last=”0″ style=”0″]Winter. In most of the United States, cold winds blow. Snow, sleet, and icy rain pound the rooftops and pavement. Streets are slushy. Shoes are wet. Clothes are cold and damp.

May 12th, 2015
Treating Disc Injuries

One of the most effective tools for treating injuries of the spine (including herniated or bulging discs) is spinal decompression therapy.

May 12th, 2015
Out of the Past

[gn_column size=”2-3″ last=”0″ style=”0″]In “Out of the Past”, one of the greatest film noir ever made, Robert Mitchum’s past inevitably catches up with him and dire consequences ensue for all involved. Are we, in terms of health and disease.

May 12th, 2015
Pilates & Yoga for Spinal Health

Most Physical Medicine Doctors would agree that an internal component of a healthy spine is spinal stabilization exercises and stretches. However, spinal stabilization will not be achieved if the exercise has faulty movement patterns.

May 12th, 2015
The Three Ps

Pasta, pizza, and peanut butter. We’ve all been there. For some of us, these three delicious, yet nutritionally limited, pantry items constituted our three main food groups for months, if not years of our 20s and 30s, possibly even our 40s.

May 12th, 2015
The Stings of Spring

As we swing into spring, the promise of longer days and lighter coats can get us in a freeing frenzy. But before we can get a chance to revel in the sunlight, the “stings” of spring are ready to pounce in a variety of forms.

May 12th, 2015
Do I Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Many people believe they have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The majority have been told by their medical doctor that they have CTS. Others have mistakenly concluded that because they have some numbness and tingling in their wrist or hand.

May 12th, 2015
Win a 50″ Samsung Flatscreen!

Help us spread the holiday cheer! Now until December 13th donate any toy, unwrapped and still in its original packaging, at our office location and receive a raffle ticket to win a 50″ Samsung flatscreen TV!

May 12th, 2015
Doc, please, which mattress is best for my back?

Many Americans are plagued with back problems, in fact, 80% of us in our adult life will at some point or another suffer it. One of the causes can be where we lay our heads for rest and rejuvenation at night… the culprit? Our Mattresses!

May 12th, 2015
Safely Stretching

It is generally accepted that stretching is important, however, did you know there are different kinds of stretching? Passive stretching is when you use an outside force other than your own muscle to move a joint or limb beyond its active range of motion.

May 12th, 2015
3 Easy Tips For a Healthy Heart

February is heart health month and a good time to check in on the health of you and your family’s ticker. Below are a few easy tips to help treat your heart right this month and beyond.

May 12th, 2015
Happy Feet: Start at the Bottom & Feel Tip Top!

You may not think about your feet that often, way down there at the ends of your legs, but they’re an essential part of almost everything you do. Whether you are walking, running, exercising, or just standing, having feet that are comfortable.

May 12th, 2015
Tips To Eating Incredibly In 2013

How healthy of an eater do you consider yourself? Do you take the time to read labels while at the market? Do you stay away from starches and focus on healthy foods such as fruits and whole grains? Then you are probably making many wise food choices.

May 12th, 2015
Setting Goals for New Years

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s a great time to learn how to set goals for yourself in order to make effective New Years resolutions! The new year is right around the corner, and you may already be thinking about bettering yourself in some vague way.

May 12th, 2015