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5 Things You're Doing Every Day That Exacerbate Your Back Pain

There are few things more universal than back pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 50% of working Americans say they experience back pain symptoms every year. And it’s believed that up to 80% experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Are you dealing with back pain that just won’t go away? If the answer is yes, come see the team at Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky. Led by Benton Dammel, DC, our team is dedicated to helping you find relief from your pain and other life-disrupting symptoms.

Use this blog to see if you might be inadvertently doing one or more everyday things that can exacerbate back pain.

Conditions that cause back pain

Often, the root cause of your back pain may be a condition, injury, or disease. Common sources of back pain include:

In cases where a medical issue is causing your pain, you may be making the pain worse or more persistent when you perform certain actions.

Five things you're doing that exacerbate your back pain

Some of the most common sources of back pain are things we do without a thought. Next time your back pain spikes, think back on the previous couple of days to see if one of the following could be the source of your discomfort:


You have plenty of opportunities to slouch in the course of the day — at your desk, in your car, on the couch at home. Slouching puts extra stress and pressure on the discs and vertebrae in your spine. Good posture may help relieve your pain. 

Straining your back

We’ve all heard it: Pick up objects with your legs, not your back. Lifting objects improperly or picking up something that’s an awkward shape or too heavy can strain your muscles and ligaments. 

Make sure you pick up objects properly, and grab a friend or dolly if something’s too heavy.

Sitting all day

Our bodies aren’t built to sit for extended periods of time. Even if your job ties you to your desk, you don’t have to stay seated all day. Get up and move around every half-hour or so. And the CDC recommends a standing desk as a way to alleviate pain.


Your neck muscles best support your head when you’re looking straight ahead. At a 0° angle, your neck supports 10-12 pounds of weight. When you look down at a 45° angle, like when you’re using your phone, that weight shoots up to 49 pounds; no wonder your neck hurts. 

Try to look at objects at eye level, and slightly recline your neck when using a computer.


The gym rats are right, form really is everything. When you hit the gym, make sure you’re doing it the right way. The resistance that weights provide can damage your joints and soft tissue. Always follow the directions on machines and watch your form with free weights.

Treating back pain

At Physical Medicine & Wellness of Northern Kentucky, we work with you to diagnose your back pain and create a custom treatment plan. Our comprehensive care options for back pain include:

Decompression therapy

With many patients, we combine care options and may also give you exercises and rehab activities to do at home. We always put your care first and make sure you end up feeling better.

For relief from your back pain, call our Florence, Kentucky, office or book your appointment online today.

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