As you are sitting and reading this, how is your posture?

While reading this, are you slouched over in your chair, maybe even resting your chin in your hand with legs crossed? An important key to longevity is having a healthy, happy spine; one component of a healthy spine is having good posture. The Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky has useful tips to improve your posture. If you’re a patient seeking chiropractic services in the Cincinnati Metro, contact us today to see if we can help with your back pains!

Take inventory of your activities: Over time, it is easy to fall into poor posture habits from the regular activities of your daily routine. Driving, standing or sitting all day at work, minimal daily movement and even the position in which you sleep all play a factor in your posture. Identify the habits and activities you have created that lead to poor posture and try to replace with better habits and increased awareness. Some examples;

Benefit from having good posture: Aside from our doctors telling us that having a good posture is healthy, it is hard to know exactly how it helps you. A few benefits to maintaining a good posture include;

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