Chiropractic and the Common Cold

So you’ve got a cold, and you’ve upped your fluid intake, are getting plenty of rest, and are taking over the counter medications for relief, but have you ever considered a visit to your chiropractor? The efficacy of chiropractic for improving musculoskeletal complaints is well documented, and many people swear by its healing powers for many aspects of wellness. What you might not know about, however, is its usefulness in combating the cold and flu viruses that plague us each winter. Is chiropractic the cure for the common cold? While we wouldn’t go that far, it definitely has the potential for improving your resistance to, and recovery from, this and other nasty, inconvenient, and all too common ailments.  

How can spinal adjustment have an impact on your respiratory system? The fact is, regular chiropractic care helps keep your body in alignment, allowing all your systems to function more efficiently. The lymphatic system, your body’s drainage system, plays a big role in helping you fight off illness because its network of ducts and lymph nodes work to rid the body of bacteria and viruses.  Because some of your lymph nodes are located in your neck and along your spine, they can become blocked or congested when you’re out of alignment, and that can hamper their ability to protect you from illness. A chiropractic adjustment alleviates the pressure on your lymphatic system, allowing them to work effectively to fight the cold, flu, and other invaders. You can also give your lymphatic system a boost by having periodic lymphatic massages, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding the toxins found in tobacco, alcohol, and processed foods, and getting plenty of sleep.

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Fortunately, chiropractic can help with helping you become even more comfortable too! Chiropractic adjustment has been proven to boost immunity, and while that kind of thing is hard to quantify, consider this: in one study of cancer patients, those who underwent chiropractic adjustments had immune systems 200-400% stronger than those who did not.

Whether you’re fighting the common cold, or just looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle, our clinic can help. Embracing a holistic approach to healthcare, we offer chiropractic and other natural therapies, creating personalized plans for our patients that help them find their own paths to optimal wellness. For your free consultation, call us today.

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