Have a Happy (Safe) Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We want you to have a great time and most importantly stay safe this All-Hallows-Eve and despite the ghosts and ghouls haunting your neighborhood, there are other more worldly frights lurking about. Give yourself some peace of mind and check your list of Halloween safety tips. We’ve provided some tricks to avoid so you can enjoy your treats without interruption.

Trick-or-treat buddies – If you can’t go to every house with your child this year, see if a neighbor can include them in their trick-or-treating group. Even with a group, assign each child a “trick-or-treat buddy”. Tell them that they can’t go to the next house until their buddy is with them. Kids are less likely to get themselves into trouble if they are given the task of looking out for a friend.

If it’s open, let it be! Okay, even if you tell your kids not to eat any of their candy before they get home, you know they will! Remind your kids to check their candy before they eat it! Going with your kids? Keep an extra bag with you so they can give you their loot for inspection before going to the next house.  If the wrapper has been opened or looks like it’s a little “off”, toss it! There’s plenty more where that came from and not worth the risk of a contaminated candy.  Also, tell them to avoid homemade goodies. Even with the kindest neighbors, homemade treats just aren’t as safe. 

Take advantage of technology. Does your child have a cell phone? Or do you have a second phone you can spare? If your kids are a little older, they may be going out without you this year. Make sure they have a phone and know to check in. You can even set an alarm in their phone to give you a call throughout the night. Give them the tools to stay safe and keep you from staying up all night worrying.

Stranger Danger – It may be “common sense” for most kids to stay away from strangers and look both ways before crossing the street, but often times the excitement of a Holiday like Halloween can make them a little forgetful. Remind them that not all adults are always nice to children and never enter a stranger’s home or accept candy from a neighbor they don’t know.

Costume Visibility – If your child is wearing a “dark” costume this year, then you may want to consider an addition of reflective tape. This serves two purposes; it makes it easier to find them in a crowd and makes it easier for drivers to see them while running around the neighborhood. If they are worried about “ruining their costume” just put some tape on the back. You’ll feel better knowing they can be seen from a mile away!

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