Have a Very Veggie Holiday Season!

Have a Very Veggie Holiday Season!

A vegetarian diet is a healthy lifestyle choice that more and more people are making. In fact, even among those who eat meat, it’s not uncommon to replace a meal or two each week with a vegetable-based option. As the holidays roll around, however, and it becomes a little more difficult to eat light, it can also be a challenge to maintain a vegetarian diet. Many of our grandmothers cooked with meat in almost every dish, and the recipes that have been handed down for generations tend to be meat heavy, with turkey broth, bacon, and other meats lurking in every dish, even the pots of greens. Fortunately, you can lighten up these old-fashioned recipes, and create new holiday traditions that focus on vegetables.

Eating more fresh produce is always a good idea, so use this list as a starting place, and discover your own new recipes. You’ll find plenty of succulent new holiday recipes, whether you’re hosting a vegetarian feast or just bringing a covered dish you’ll be able to eat. For more tips on healthy living and eating well, visit our website. To learn how we can help you find your own path to optimal wellness, call our clinic today for a free consultation.

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