How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Peripheral Neuropathy

Treating peripheral neuropathy with chiropractic care, Celluma® light therapy

Your central nervous system contains your spinal cord and brain. Your peripheral nervous system includes the nerves in your body outside of your central nervous system. These nerves include your sensory nerves, autonomic nerves, and motor nerves. They all work together to send information back and forth between your brain and spinal cord and your skin, organs, and limbs.

When you have peripheral neuropathy, these nerves are damaged in some way that causes discomfort. Because your specific symptoms depend on the nerves affected, peripheral neuropathy is a little different in everyone.

Common signs of peripheral neuropathy include:

At least 20 million Americans have peripheral neuropathy. At Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky, Dr. Benton Dammel and Dr. Bryan Boudreaux bring their advanced training in chiropractic care to managing peripheral neuropathy by taking a holistic approach to your care.

Causes of peripheral neuropathy

You can suffer nerve damage for a variety of reasons. A common cause is diabetes — 60% of men and women with blood sugar disorders develop peripheral neuropathy.

Additional causes of peripheral neuropathy include:

As chiropractors, we take a comprehensive, holistic approach to treating peripheral neuropathy. This includes identifying the cause of your discomfort so we can address it at its source.

Treating peripheral neuropathy with chiropractic care

Relying on medications alone to control peripheral neuropathy can mask your symptoms instead of addressing the issue. During your appointment, we conduct a comprehensive physical exam to determine the precise cause of your pain so we can bring your entire system, including your nervous system, into alignment.

Depending on your diagnosis, we might recommend a combination of therapies to prevent or slow the progression of your nerve damage, such as:

We also offer Celluma® light therapy for peripheral neuropathy treatment. This FDA-cleared device uses light-emitting diode (LED) technology to trigger the healing response in your body to repair damage, enhance your cellular activity, and stimulate collagen production in the treatment area. This noninvasive and painless treatment doesn’t have any downtime and can help reverse the signs of nerve damage.

To see how chiropractic care can help you address your peripheral neuropathy, call us today at Physical Medicine & Wellness Center in Florence, Kentucky, or schedule your appointment online.

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