If You Suffer from Migraines, Chiropractic Care Should be Part of Your Wellness Routine

Migraines affect millions of people. The World Health Organization suggests that about 18% of women and about 7% of men suffer from this condition. Thankfully, your migraine diagnosis doesn’t mean a lifetime of choosing between pain and expensive drugs with side effects. 

Dr. Dammel has been helping migraine sufferers in Florence, Kentucky, relieve their pain with conservative, non-chemical treatments. With his staff at the Physical Medicine and Wellness Center, he can help you get rid of your headaches for good. 

Migraine symptoms

While you might think that all migraines are caused by pain in the head, that may not be how your migraine starts. For many sufferers, an “aura” appears, changing how things appear. This may be accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound, or even smell. 

As the migraine progresses, your vision may blur, or even become dim. You may feel nauseous or even vomit. Then there is pain. Migraine headaches get their name from the deep, throbbing pain that may be on one side of your head or the other, or it may cover your whole head like a helmet. 

Migraine causes

In some ways, we know what causes a migraine, and in some ways, we don’t. We know, for example, that migraines tend to run in families. So, if one or both parents have suffered from migraines, you have a higher chance of developing the condition. 

Stress is also a major contributor. However, it isn’t just emotional stress, but physical as well. So, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or compensating for injury can contribute to a migraine. 

Finally, hormonal changes can also be a major factor in causing migraines. This might be hormonal changes involved with a menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause.

Discovering your triggers

To find out what your triggers are, most doctors will ask you to keep a migraine diary. This is simply a notebook that you can use to record such things as your sleep quality, what you eat, and your stress level on any given day, along with a record of when you get migraines. 

Women’s diaries may also record your monthly hormonal cycle. Stress is a major factor, and the most frequently cited migraine trigger. So your diary should include any emotional or physical stresses that affect you each day. This might be a tight deadline at work, a child going through problems, or that shoulder or neck pain that makes it tough to work, rest, or play.

How chiropractic care is different

Some people can’t take migraine medications. Pregnancy or a history of drug interactions or side effects may preclude you from using migraine drugs. Unlike many of the medications that just treat the symptoms, chiropractic care treats the causes of your migraine. 

Dr. Dammel and his team can help you find your triggers, both environmental and physical. He can find those areas where your body’s misalignment may contribute to daily stress. Even minor misalignments that you may have gotten used to, or may not be aware of, can contribute to a level of stress that will lead to a migraine.

In addition, Dr. Dammel uses physical rehabilitation to help your muscles gain enough strength to keep your neck and spine straight. Massage can help you reduce your emotional and physical stress, relieving that factor. Finally, by looking at all your life, you and Dr. Dammel can work on ways to eliminate triggers and prevent migraines from affecting your life.

Dr. Dammel can help you make a permanent change in your migraine future. He sees patients Monday through Thursday in his Florence, Kentucky, location. So contact us at Physical Medicine and Wellness Center and we can work on a plan to say goodbye to your migraines for good. 

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