Maintaining Posture At Work

Poor posture is one of the most common causes of chronic neck and back pain conditions today.  For most people, their working environment can be the major cause of their spinal pain condition.  Posture is one of the essential areas that physical medicine practices look at when addressing or correcting chronic spinal pain conditions.  That’s why it is so important to take an accurate look at our work environment and try and find ways to improve our posture during the day. 

The number one cause of neck and shoulder postural problems is working on a computer all day. There are many professionals who require spending more than 12 hours a day on the computer due to increasing work pressure and deadlines. However, the basic problem for such routine is that individuals can spend an entire day in a posture that will, over time, cause harm to their neck and spine.

Studies have proved that poor posture at the workplace plays a major role in developing musculoskeletal injuries. The problems are not just limited to adults but are increasingly affecting the youth as well. Sitting in a bad posture for an extended length of time makes the conditions worse over time.

It is imperative to maintain good posture and correct ergonomics while doing your work. Small changes in your sitting position and constant breaks can prevent a lot of spinal and neck related problems. For example, it’s always advised to sit up straight with chair back support to maintain the flexibility of your spine. Your knees should bend at 90 degrees while your feet are relaxed on the ground or on the footrest, whatever seems comfortable to you. Another thing that you can do is move your computer monitor to eye level.  This way, it will keep you from straining your neck forward and avoid looking down at your computer screen.

In our office, we do a significant amount of posture rehabilitative exercises to address poor posture and treat chronic pain.  With a combination of postural exercises and stretching routines, we can address poor posture and help correct it.

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