Neck and Shoulder Pain: Causes and Treatment Options

An injury or trauma to the neck and shoulder region, or a health condition that causes neck and shoulders pain, can create significant pain and discomfort. You never really pay much attention to how well your neck and shoulders work until you begin to suffer pain in this region – then, everyday life becomes more difficult and simply turning your head is a problem. If you are suffering from pain in your shoulders or your neck, read on for common causes and some solutions.

Different Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Trauma and Injury

It is easy to cause pain in this area of your body through overuse, trauma, or injury. Whiplash injuries, where the neck and head are forced back and forwards rapidly, create discomfort and pain and can result in spasms in the neck and the shoulders. Whiplash is a common occurrence after a minor car accident. If you have recently had a car accident then you should check out someone like Teaneck Lawyers who can help you file a lawsuit if that is what you want to do. There are reasons for injury as well, such as trips and falls which may dislodge the shoulder joints, and injuries from contact sports often cause a shoulder dislocation. These slips and falls could happen anywhere but if it happens at work you may be entitled to compensation so it would be wise to contact a Workers Compensation Attorney.

Treatment options:

Poor Posture

Shoulder pain and stiffness, and difficulty turning the neck may be brought about by poor posture over an extended period of time. Slumping when sitting, and sleeping face down, are common ways in which the way you sit, stand and lie affects your neck.

Treatment options:


Osteoarthritis is a common condition and can affect anyone although it is mainly experienced by older adults. This condition can cause stiffness and pain in the neck, as well as muscle weakness. The neck is commonly affected, along with the knees, hips, and lower back.

Treatment options:

Shoulder Injury

You may suffer pain and discomfort after an injury to the shoulder joint, including strained muscles due to overuse, acute tendonitis, shoulder joint instability, shoulder dislocation, frozen shoulder, and pinched nerves.

Treatment options:

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