Nutrition Goals vs. Damage Control

Now that it’s February, and that New Year feeling has faded to a memory, you may find that your resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Especially when it comes to dieting, it’s often hard to stick to your goals. Why is that? For many people, it’s because the plans they make for their dietary choices are more about what they shouldn’t do than about what they should. Are you making nutrition your goal, or are you just practicing damage control?  

By damage control, we’re talking about trying to manage your weight, lower your cholesterol, stabilize your blood sugar or any of the myriad other problems people associate with a poor diet. Damage control is making decisions about what you eat, based on what you fear or see as a crisis. However, as with most situations, dietary goals that are framed in the negative are much harder to live with. This year, why not ditch the guilt and angst that surrounds your eating habits, and set some goals for what you actually want. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Notice: none of the goals we listed are framed in a negative statement, encouraging you not to do something, or to give up something you enjoy. Working within a parameter of positivity, what are some goals you can set for yourself? If you need help setting nutritional goals, or would like to learn more about our clinic’s holistic approach to a healthy way of life, call for your free consultation today.

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