Pilates & Yoga for Spinal Health

Most Physical Medicine Doctors would agree that an internal component of a healthy spine is spinal stabilization exercises and stretches.  However, spinal stabilization will not be achieved if the exercise has faulty movement patterns. Among the best spinal exercises for stability and strength are Pilates and yoga.

The type of yoga that is best for relieving back pain is Hatha yoga. For patients who are already suffering from back pain, Hatha yoga can help reduce chronic pain and improve the alignment of the spine and body. (However, you should note that it is not a cure for those who suffer from back pain regularly. It is only an addition that can work together with a physical medicine specialists or chiropractors.)

Practicing yoga poses works in a multitude of ways. First, the muscles around the spine will be strengthened, preventing injuries in the future. Secondly, the spine is more limber due to the stretching; therefore, the blood flow in these areas is increased. In turn, this decreases pain and stress within the area.

Some of the suggested poses and stretches for your spinal health are:

– Camel pose

– Fish pose

– Forward bend

– Half chair pose

– Triangle pose

– Seated twists

Pilates focuses mostly on strengthening your back, buttocks, and abdominal muscles. As a result, your body will have greater pelvic stability and less likelihood that you will sustain any back injuries.

In addition, Pilates also works to lengthen and strengthen your spinal column and helps to prevent compression of the spine that can occur due to problems with aging and poor posture. Pilates can give you an overall better postural alignment, flexibility and strength.

With a good instructor, this exercise is safe for everyone including those who are recovering from spinal injuries.

As you can see, both yoga and Pilates exercise can be an important part of your recovery program and can be used as a vital tool in treating long-term back and neck pain conditions.

Remember to consult with a Physical Medicine specialist or healthcare provider before starting any physical activity, including yoga and Pilates.

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