Safely Stretching

It is generally accepted that stretching is important, however, did you know there are different kinds of stretching? Passive stretching is when you use an outside force other than your own muscle to move a joint or limb beyond its active range of motion, to put your body into a position that you couldn’t do by yourself (like leaning into a wall). This is the most common form of stretching used.

Active stretching eliminates an outside force and It involves actively using your own muscles to achieve a range of motion; as the antagonist (opposite) muscle contracts, the agonist (target) muscle groups lengthen and relax. This is a safe, effective, and recommended a method of stretching.

The body benefits greatly from stretching, it improves flexibility and blood flow through your muscles… Below are some smart stretching guidelines as well, check out the attached article to find out the TOP 5 benefits of stretching for your body!


-Always warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before you stretch to ensure your muscles and connective tissue are pliable.

– Move slowly into and out of each position in a controlled manner without bouncing, which can damage connective tissue or contribute to tears in the muscle fibers.

-Hold the stretched position for at least 20 seconds.

– Exhale as you move into the stretch and don’t hold your breath and inhale when you return.

– If you’ve never stretched before, you may not be able to achieve a full stretch. With time, you will improve. Try to stretch before training and/or at least three times a week, following a sufficient warm-up for best results.

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