The Benefits of Walking

Physical activity is a great way to improve your overall well-being and mental clarity. It’s also a great way to help lower pain levels in the body.  If your healthcare provider recommends it, walking is one of the easiest ways to get started on increasing your physical activity levels and is one of the least expensive exercises that almost anyone can undertake. It has profound health effects, but you need to do it correctly to gain these effects and avoid painful injuries.

To steer clear of any harm, talk to your healthcare provider or one of our rehabilitation professionals who can give you tips for stretching and make sure you avoid injury.

If you want to burn calories then you must walk at a moderate or brisk pace. Doing this also helps to tune up your cardiovascular system. The best way to undertake a walking health program is by covering the same distance every day and increasing your pace on each successive walk. You can get a pedometer that will help you keep count of the numbers of steps you make. A pedometer also frees you from having to use the same road to cover an equivalent distance. Walk with your hands moving freely and bend your toes naturally.

If you are recovering from an injury and using walking as an activity to help stay active and get back in shape, it’s a great opportunity to stay active while your body is going through the healing process.  Physical Medicine providers are best to help guide you in your recovery.

If walking is painful, it could be another condition causing your pain, and upon examination, your healthcare provider will advise you accordingly. For example, walking helps to fight the adverse effects of diabetes but in old age, your doctor will likely put you in soft shoes and ask you to walk only on grass or soft surfaces to avoid the escalation of problems caused by soft bones.

If you’re suffering from pain or any physical condition that’s holding you back from staying active, then give our office a call today.

We look forward to helping you live a life free of pain!

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