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Treat Hip Pain Early to Increase Your Chances of Avoiding Surgery

What comes to mind when you think of someone suffering from hip pain? If you work off of stereotypes, you probably picture someone elderly and less mobile than they used to be. According to a National Center for Biotechnology Information study, over 25% of the population develops a symptomatic hip by age 85.

While those of advanced age are the most likely to develop problems with their hips, people of all ages, even children, can deal with hip issues. Some hip pain is normal over the course of your life; it could be caused by something as simple as sleeping in an odd position. But if your pain doesn’t dissipate after a few days, you may have one of the many conditions behind hip pain.

If you’re suffering from hip pain, come see the pain specialists at Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky in Florence, Kentucky. Benton Dammel, DC, and Timothy Sargent, DC, work with you to create a customized treatment plan to eliminate your hip pain. Dr. Dammel and Dr. Sargent are highly skilled physicians and chiropractors who practice comprehensive, evidence-based care to help their patients achieve lasting relief.

Spotting hip pain

Do you know exactly where your hip is? It’s the socket where the ball of the femur (thigh bone) meets the pelvis. However, you may refer to the hip as a general area near your waist. Hip pain is similar in that its location can be located across the hip area. Common locations for hip pain include:

Hip pain may cause you to limp, lose motion in your hip, or feel intense groin pain.

The site of your pain can help determine what ails it. At the start of your exam, our team performs tests to rule out infections, fractures, or complicated hip issues as the source of your pain.

The many causes of hip pain

Unfortunately, hip pain can come from many sources. Certain lifestyle choices, like running or being sedentary, may put you at higher risk for some conditions. Common causes of hip pain include: 

 Some hip pain goes away without medical intervention. Before coming to see us at Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky, make sure that you’ve rested the hip and tried over-the-counter painkillers, heat, and ice.

Treating your hip

The location and severity of your hip injury likely determines your treatment plan.


We use a variety of therapies to help you regain a full range of motion and minimize swelling. Massage therapy can help improve blood flow, increase flexibility, and relieve tension. We may also recommend chiropractic care, which, when combined with other treatments, can reduce pain and swelling. Decompression therapy has also been shown to help relieve pain.

Other healing techniques

Injections can fight inflammation and swelling, relieve pain, and help damaged tissues heal naturally. Part of your rehabilitation process may also include electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, stretches, and exercises.

Hip pain doesn’t have to last forever, and early intervention is a key part of healing. At Physical Medicine & Wellness Center of Northern Kentucky, we make sure you receive the excellent treatment you deserve for your hip pain, or any other kind of pain. Call our Florence office today, or request a consultation using our online booking tool.

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