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Cord Tissue Cell Therapy


Why Cord Tissue Cell Therapy?

Cord blood is a carrier for the most potent source of fresh regenerative cells. These cells have high-performance potential to get the healing results patients need to address their ailments. When compared to other regenerative cell harvesting and collection processes, cord blood cell collection is non-invasive. The procedure is completed with no harm to mom or baby in a matter of minutes. Cord blood regenerative cells can be preserved for lengthy amounts of time as well, this extends their benefit value and reduces the time necessary for patients to get treatment because the cells are readily available.

Regenerative cord tissue cells have transmuting properties, meaning they can change and adapt to any cell in the body. These cells naturally react to injury in the body by repairing and replacing any damaged tissue. Regenerative cord tissue cells have advanced growth factors, and they secrete cytokines, inflammatory response regulating proteins, to manage the body’s response to injury. The regenerative cells in cord blood are key components of the essential blood and immune system functions of your body, so their renewing potential offers superior treatment results when used in Cord Tissue Cell Therapy. Patients electing to take this revolutionary therapy celebrate drastic improvement to conditions like osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other autoimmune disorders.

What Happens During Cord Tissue Cell Therapy?

Most often cord blood is donated or set aside as medical waste after a child is born and doctors use that blood to isolate regenerative cells for use in Cord Tissue Cell Therapy treatments. These donations are made with the permission of the parents and under careful ethical restrictions. The process is safe for all parties involved and poses no risk of pain or damage to the mother and child. Cord blood donations are meticulously audited for healthy, high-quality regenerative cells to be used for Cord Tissue Cell Therapy.

Depending on your treatment needs, your Cord Tissue Cell Therapy may be administered via IV infusion or localized injection at the site of your affected area. The application of Cord Tissue Cell Therapy will vary patient to patient after your doctor has had time to assess your needs and decide on the most effective therapy to provide positive results.

Is Cord Tissue Cell Therapy Safe for Patients in Florence?

Harvested cord tissue cells used for this procedure have a low possibility of malignant transformation and adverse immune response, making Cord Tissue Cell Therapy a safe option for patients. These cells are unlikely to be rejected by your immune system and careful, sterile laboratory processes eliminate the potential for contamination or infection. Cord Tissue Cell Therapy resists against any production of antibodies or T-cell responses ensuring protection against any adverse reactions to the procedure.

Will I Get Results?

As with any medical treatment, each patients’ response will vary so discussing options for your specific needs is key.

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